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Latest update About One Away Travel & inspiration at my 1st Sunday Night Street Market in Chiang Mai -August 2013

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Latest Update – March 2017

So much has happened in the last 2 years up till now.  Trips to Jamaica, Thailand, Uruguay, Argentina, as well as in the U.S. visiting the beautiful states of Georgia, North Carolina and Illinois.

A new relationship and travel partner has now been added to the equation!  New friends, new opportunities, entrepreneurial as well as spiritual growth has all been a major part of my journey.

See my post on Why I Quit Travel Blogging for a little overview into what has been happening in the past year.

Until then, get the gist of who I am below and in the posts I’ve written so far.  I promise, there is much, much, more to come!

Check back often for more content based on my experiences living in SE Asia.

Thom's Elephant Camp Pai, Thailand

Selfie hug with our Elephant friend TutDao
no seat or chains.

About Me

Welcome and thanks for visiting my website.   My name is Brian, I love to travel but I don’t mean like when you go on vacation!

I love to immerse myself in other countries and learn as much as possible.  However, over time and the majority of my career life after college, it’s been more of a dream than reality.  Up until only recently, the only other countries where I’ve spent more than a month would be Jamaica and London.

My parents were born and raised in Jamaica, but I was born here in the U.S.  I’ve been traveling back and forth to Jamaica since before I was born, literally.  Many times I was sent alone for the summer to stay with family and I think that is part of the reason why, I still enjoy traveling so much!

After 25 years of working in the US and years of schooling and the debt that goes with it, I found myself wondering if I could continue for the next 30 years doing the same thing.  Only taking a 1 week vacation maybe twice a year, one usually at Christmas time.

Whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve always  met people from other countries with 1-2 month holidays or even longer!  These were not always wealthy people either. It took me a long time to realize that it was only because they lived a different lifestyle, where their priorities were much different than mine.

So many years have passed and my only significant memories aside from the many weddings, and newborn babies of friends and family, are the vacations traveling with friends and family, maybe once a year, so….

What happened to the rest of the last 20 years?!

Work happened.  

Mostly work and few of those long holiday weekends we are usually dying for every few months.

Living in Thailand - Quitting my Job

My Daily Office Cubicle Inspiration!

In 2013, after a whole  year of selling most of my belongings, paying off debts, saving and planning, I quit my I.T. job and moved to Thailand.

My intention was to experience a new life outside of my comfort zone, create more opportunities for traveling and life-changing experiences.

Railay Climbing to Viewpoint I made the conscious decision to break the routine of monotony and I learned so much from my experiences living abroad.

In my blog posts I provide tips and advice in regards to living, working and traveling abroad.  I share the things that inspire me and I also share the ups and downs that come with acclimating to a different culture and pursuing this location independent lifestyle.

Thailand is only the beginning and I plan to visit many other countries in the years to come.

I hope I can inspire you to get out, do more and see more even if it’s a place in your hometown that you’ve never seen before.

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