Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao

– Sa Nae Doi Luang – Charm of Big Mountain – Chiang Dao –

On my way to Chiang Dao, I passed this coffee shop/restaurant and ordered probably the best tasting Watermelon shake I had in Thailand. Every fruit shake I ordered was great anywhere I went, but they definitely added something to this that made it even better or maybe I was just thirsty.  Either way it was delicious.

Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao


On the road to Chiang Dao, I saw many signs and billboards advertising this restaurant and I figured I should stop and check it out.  It was about another 20-30 minutes from where I was staying.  When I pulled in there were only a few cars parked in the lot.  The only problem was the sign was written in Thai script and I never knew until recently what the place was called.

Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao

My Favorite Pic of the Bunch!


It was a bright, hot and gorgeous day.  After I finished my drink in the shade, I walked around and took some pics of the property.

Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao

Stunning Landscape and Views!



Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao

As peaceful as it looks.

If you are living in Chiang Mai, I would definitely recommend a weekend trip to Chiang Dao and if you go, be sure to stop for lunch or dinner at Charm of Doi Luang (rough translation)

I did not eat there but there are tables outside under beautiful gazebos spread out all over the property.

You can have your own gazebo with a large party or small party with views of Doi Luang (Big Mountain) and the rice fields all around you.

Even if you aren’t planning to eat here, it still makes a great rest stop to grab a drink and take photos!

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Charm of Doi Luang - Chiang Dao

Here is a close-up pic of the name of the restaurant. 🙂